Gabriel Bani

Gabriel is the direct descendent of Bari, who is the Koey Mabayg (Head man) of the major tribe of Wagadagam. His tribe is located on Mabuyag in the Near Western Islands of the Torres Strait, the Maluyligal Nation. He is the second eldest son of the late, Adhi Ephraim Bani OAM, 7th Traditional Tribal Chief of Wagadagam, linguist, historian, and cultural ambassador of Torres Strait. In the last decade, he has worked in child protection, throughout the Torres Strait Region. This role entailed developing cultural protocols and providing cultural advice and information on family kinship and community. In 2004, he was elected as a member for the Torres Strait Greater Autonomy Steering Committee. In 2017 he was elected as a member of the Delegation of the First Nations Constitutional Convention, a national gathering in ULURU. Elected as a Councillor, Torres Shire Council in 2016 – 2020, he continues his role as a tribal elder, cultural mentor and advisor, presenting at local and regional Forums, national Conferences, and gatherings, focusing on cross- cultural communication. He provides cultural awareness programs for the Australian Public Service.